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        Dissolving a once-loving relationship can be highly stressful. My first priority in a divorce involving children is to preserve healthy relationships by shielding children from any acrimony. I strive to quickly and efficiently resolve property division issues and to establish, modify and enforce satisfactory custody, visitation, and support arrangements. I strive to be direct and honest about presenting your options, helpful in determining your goals, and a forceful advocate in pursuing those goals. I will litigate aggressively when necessary, but will never litigate unnecessarily and will not use litigious tactics that unnecessarily increase costs, delay settlement or harm anyone emotionally, especially the children. 

 Divorce / Dissolution
       I will help you find creative solutions to make the dissolution of your marriage as painless as possible. I will discuss with you the advantages and disadvantages of arguing over custody and marital property.  When negotiated divorce settlement is an option suitable to the parties involved I encourage it. It is less stressful and more effective when parties are amenable to agreement. However, if settlement is not an option I will litigate aggressively.  

Prenuptial (or postnuptial) agreements
      These agreements direct how property will be allocated between spouses on one of two triggering events 1) divorce or 2) death without a valid will or trust spelling out how various assets are to be divided. Many areas of law, including the laws of intestate succession, insurance and annuity contracts and retirement plans have their own rules which direct the disposition of assets to potentially unintended beneficiaries. Especially in the case of pensions, a complex federal law called ERISA is involved which may significantly frustrate your goals without proper planning. As a result, the drafting of these agreements so they do what they are intended to do is best undertaken by an attorney.