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What is an Estate Plan?

      Put in its most simple terms, estate planning involves putting your affairs in order so as to maximize the benefits that your assets can provide to you during your life and to those you desire to benefit from it after your death.  An estate plan is comprised of one or more documents that provide you with control over the decisions about your loved ones and financial affairs in the event of your death or incapacity.  A good Estate Plan has three main goals: (1) to pass your property to the people you choose, (2) to reduce or eliminate expenses, taxes, court interference and wasted time during the transfer of the property, and (3) eliminate the ability of others to interfere in your decisions.  

      Many people believe that only the very wealthy need an Estate Plan.  However, anyone who owns any property worth greater than $150,000, or has minor children or has a desire to ensure that your loved ones and financial affairs are taken care of should consider an estate plan.  If you do not plan your estate, the government will determine who will get your property.  In addition, your beneficiaries will have to incur unnecessary attorney fees, courts fees, and probate expenses.
      We provide a complete estate plan package that includes a Trust; Will; a written agreement concerning the status of your assets; a directive to your physician; and a Durable Power of Attorney for property management.  All of these documents will be specifically drafted to meet your goals and desires regarding the disposition of your estate.